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Ozoxlive Professional skincare gel is formulated by natural origin materials containing vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential oils which are necessary for a young and healthy skin, and feeds your skin, clears the toxins, strengthen the skin barrier function, moisturizes the skin, meets its oxygen requirement and accelerates cell renewal rate. Wrinkles, sagging, sunspots, cellulites, cracking, excessive dryness, rough skin and loss of brightness may arise as a result of internal and external risk factors such as sun radiation, air pollution, malnutrition, stress and wrong skin care applications. Ozoxlive feeds your skin, and deeply moisturizes, tightens and renews it as an anti-aging. It gives a bright, smooth and young appearance in your skin especially those dry. sensitive, rough and damaged. It does not contain any synthetic petrol products, alcohol and known allergens. It is dermatologically tested. There are no known side effects and it is a hypo-allergenic product. Its specific odor is active oxygen odor which is available in nature. As Oxolive is not a medication but is a skin care product containing completely natural origin materials. Therefore, there might be changes in its consistence due to temperature differences. This situation does not change efficiency of product. In case product remains in cold places, it may lose its gel consistence and became solid. In such cases, you may prepare product for use by holding in warm water or in palm. Apply Ozoxlive Professional skincare gel twice a day regularly after cleaning your face. It is suitable for all skin types. For external use only. Do not contact with the eye. SYNERGY EFFECT OF OZOXLIVE * Anti-aging * Wrinkles * Cellulites * Skin Blemishes * Cracks (hands, feet. lips, and Pregnancy cracks) * Sagging * Hair follicle feeding and strengthening * Antiperspirant and anti-foot odor * Sunburns * Anti-acne etc (against acne formation) It is a skin care product containing completely natural origin materials which is used against all the skin damages. OZOXLIVE -AUTHORIZED DEALER: The announcement was made, according to Cosmetic Law No. 5324 of the Health Ministry.

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