ENEM KOZMETIK KIMYASAL TEM. MAD. ITH. IHR. SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaning Products, Chemical Cleaning Agents, Chemical Cleansing Products, Detergent, Soap, Liquid Soap, Dishwasher
ALIS INTERNATIONAL DIS TIC. LTD. STI. face creams, body creams, lotions, creams, whitening cream, snail cream, pearl cream, blue anemone cream
ALFAR KOZMETIK SAN. A.S. Cosmetic, Blusher, Foundation, Coverstick, Makeup Removal, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Eye Pencile
UKIP KOZMETIK SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Shower Gel, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair Balsam, Balsam, Herbal Hair Balsam, Herbal Hair Conditioner, Body Lotion

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MOIRA Story started 10 years ago with a dream of developing a worldwide known brand which is designed for women by a woman. MOIRA is a name taken from Greek mythology defining goddess who writes destiny by ropes, that's why logo has no interruptions same like destiny. I choose this powerful name to be the brand because I believe all women in the world has the power to change and CHOOSE... Now it is time to give a break to take a short Moira moment in a daily routine and feel the power. Our target is to develop, rejuvenate and expand just like the real world, become a lifestyle product not only for your body also for the SOUL. Do not forget, the greatest pleasures are the ones we create for ourselves .. we invite you to leave real-world necessities for a while and give a romantic experience of pure enjoyment, full of joie de vivre and inspiration. We encourage Moira women to take control of her life and choose to nourish herself with Moira body and soul fragrances and presence. Moira women soul and body are connected.
UKIP COSMETIC, has been esatablished in 1982 with 100 % native capitals. Today with its modern factory and its specialization in hair cosmetics field, Ukip Cosmetic is one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers and exporters in Turkey. Howeverdueto its powerful economical structure Ukip Cosmetic exports its products to all around the World.
Ozoxlive Professional skincare gel is formulated by natural origin materials containing vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential oils which are necessary for a young and healthy skin, and feeds your skin, clears the toxins, strengthen the skin barrier function, moisturizes the skin, meets its oxygen requirement and accelerates cell renewal rate. Wrinkles, sagging, sunspots, cellulites, cracking, excessive dryness, rough skin and loss of brightness may arise as a result of internal and external risk factors such as sun radiation, air pollution, malnutrition, stress and wrong skin care applications. Ozoxlive feeds your skin, and deeply moisturizes, tightens and renews it as an anti-aging. It gives a bright, smooth and young appearance in your skin especially those dry. sensitive, rough and damaged. It does not contain any synthetic petrol products, alcohol and known allergens. It is dermatologically tested. There are no known side effects and it is a hypo-allergenic product. Its specific odor is active oxygen odor which is available in nature. As Oxolive is not a medication but is a skin care product containing completely natural origin materials. Therefore, there might be changes in its consistence due to temperature differences. This situation does not change efficiency of product. In case product remains in cold places, it may lose its gel consistence and became solid. In such cases, you may prepare product for use by holding in warm water or in palm. Apply Ozoxlive Professional skincare gel twice a day regularly after cleaning your face. It is suitable for all skin types. For external use only. Do not contact with the eye. SYNERGY EFFECT OF OZOXLIVE * Anti-aging * Wrinkles * Cellulites * Skin Blemishes * Cracks (hands, feet. lips, and Pregnancy cracks) * Sagging * Hair follicle feeding and strengthening * Antiperspirant and anti-foot odor * Sunburns * Anti-acne etc (against acne formation) It is a skin care product containing completely natural origin materials which is used against all the skin damages. OZOXLIVE -AUTHORIZED DEALER: The announcement was made, according to Cosmetic Law No. 5324 of the Health Ministry.
Alfar Kozmetik San. A.S. was established in 1980 with the principals of high quality manufacturing standarts and competitive prices Alfar Kozmetik is one of the most important and Pioneer cooperations in the colour cosmetics sector with more than 40 years. With two exclusive brand Catherine Arley and élite, Alfar Has an active distribution network in 63 countries mainly inclusdinhthe Europe ( 17 countries), Middle East ( 12 Countries), South America ( 4 countries), CIS Zone (11 countries) , Pacific ( 10 Countries ) and North Africa ( 9 countries) PRODUCTS & QUALITY Alfar is an expoert of manufacturing mainly: Lipstick, Matte Lipstick, Matt Long Lasting Lipgloss, Lipcare ( LIP GROUP) Compact Powder, Blusher, Terracotta, Cream Compact, Foundation ( FACE GROUP) Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner, Waterproof Dipliner, Matt Dipliner, Volume Mascara, Eyeshadow, Monocotta Eyeshadow, Matt Eyeshadow, Long Lash Mascara , Waterproof Mascara ( EYE GROUP) Nail Lacquer , Matt Nail Lacquer, Glitter Nail Lacquer, Anti Bite, Hardener ( NAIL GROUP). Except Make Up Pencils and Make Up Removers, All products are manufacturing in Alfar’s own facility. Alfar Kozmetik manufactures Cosmetics, Perfume and Plastic packaging in the intergated manufacturing facilies. The Manufacturing process is done in an indoor area under hygenic conditions in accordance with ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic GMP and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Managment Systems. Alfar also registered products in COSMETIC PRODUCTS NOTIFICATION PORTAL ( CPNP) for European Union CORE ADVANTAGE Most important features of ALFAR is being extraordinary quality and reasonable price policy. The most important principal of ALFAR is a %100 Customer / Partner satisfication. Besides to following up to cosmetic trends. Alfar also has a flexible structure to be able to responds their global partners even with local trend demands. Quickly all R&D projects are the studies with a specialized and experienced team of ALFAR. Additionally all the tests regarding our projects are carried out at the laboratories accredited with accordance of European Union Legislations. Every Single product of Alfar has a safety assesment report. This is how Alfar Proudly represent their products all over the World more than 40 years. All R&D projects are studies with a specialized and experienced team of Alfar. Additionally all the tests regarding our projects are carried out at the laboratories accredited with accordance of European Union legislations.. Every single product of Alfar Kozmetik has a Safety Assessment Report. This is how Alfar proudly represents their products all over the world more than 40 years.
PASTEL COSMETICS was established in 1938. We are the first Makeup Cosmetic products manufacturer in Turkey. We have a professional sales team who works with powerful marketing strategy and provide high-quality business service with a large range of colored products for Eye, Lips, Face, Nail. There are 50 kinds products and 380 SKU. Goods quality is really high and steady more than 80 years. • We do export more than 30 countries; Middle East Countries(UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Lebanon etc.) North Africa countries (Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt etc.) Central Asia, West Asia and East Asia (Iran, Georgia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Mauritius etc.) Europe and Balkans (Greece, Cyprus, Kosovo, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, etc.)
As Unac Group we serve in Cosmetics sector with 3 factories for Wet Wipes & Diapers, Aerosol and Cosmetics. We export our brands such as Unac and Breeze to more than 60 countries. We have approximately 500 products in our range and each month we are adding new ones. Our priority is to create value in sector and to meet the demands with the principle of client oriented working. Within this scope, we prefer to establish long lasting ties with our partners. Unac’s goal is to steer the sector with its high quality products in the international market.
We are the supplier of cosmetics, woman cosmetics, man cosmetics, deodorants, perfumes, colognes, perfumeries, eau de toilet, eau de perfume, man perfumes, men perfumes, woman perfumes, women perfumes
Prufiernaturals is a family owned company known for its Natural ingredients and high quality natural skin care products. We believe in staying natural in our formulations and do not mass-produce our products, we form small batches for ultimate freshness.
After over 20 years of Cosmetics sector knowledge; in the year 2004, Gutto Cosmetics had started out its own production venture with the slogan of “Natural Beauty with Natural Products”. Gutto Cosmetics presents its products to the consumers as a result of long& detailed R&D studies under the permission of Health Ministry. As a Body & Face skin care specialist; anti-aging, anti-acne, botox effect, whitening, ant egg oil creams are just a few of our product range. With ongoing R&D studies, Gutto Cosmetics will continue to introduce special natural products to the Markets. Since the beginning of this new phase, Gutto Cosmetics has enjoyed steady and amazing growth over the years. Gutto Cosmetics holds a dominant Domestic Market position in some products enjoying overall %80 brand awareness in all products. Working with celebrities, sponsoring TV programs and serials, running ads in sector-related magazines & in newspapers keeps Gutto Cosmetics at Zenith. Gutto Cosmetics is now aiming at introducing these amazing products to more world people in more Markets having the ultimate genuine respect to Human Health using what is natural and what comes from Nature.